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What is Abhyanga?

A Sanskrit term, Abhyanga means "Massaging the Body's Limbs" or "glowing body." It is derived from abhi, meaning "into" or "glow," and anga meaning "limb."

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Abhyanga is an ancient Indian Ayurvedic oil massage therapy. It is the best way to healing and detoxifying Body, Mind and Spirit. Abhyanga is a special type of Ayurvedic warm oil massage that involves anointing oneself with healing dosha-specific oils. It can also be performed by an Ayurvedic massage therapist.

Abhyanga can be incorporated into a routine appropriate for almost everyone. The Sanskrit word sneha means both “oil” and “love,” and the effects of Abhyanga are similar to being saturated with love.

Why Do I Need Abhyanga As My Daily Ayurvedic Routine?

Abhyanga is incredibly grounding daily habit, preventing and easing anxiety, insomnia and other aches and pains you may be experiencing. Although it might sound time-consuming and maybe tedious, the benefits of self-massage are well worth the time and effort, and considered a tonic or medicine for the body, mind and spirit in Ayurveda.

According to Ayurveda, the power of touch can strongly and positively impact your nervous system, helping to dissipate the stress that we all know leads to inflammation and visible aging. The art of Abhayanga - Self massage can give a deep feeling of stability, warmth and comfort.

What Are the Benefits of Abhyanga?

  • Pacifies all doshas (Ayurveda mind and body type), particularly vata dosha

  • Increases blood circulation

  • Stimulates digestion

  • Nourishes the tissues

  • Tones the muscles

  • Lubricates the joints

  • Decreases the effects of aging & increases longevity

  • Supports the nervous system

  • Improves sleep

  • Improves over all emotional and mental well being

What Are Various Types Of Ayurvedic Massages?

  1. The Sarvanga Abhyanga- Full Body Massage according to your Body type

  2. Shiro Abhyanga: Ayurvedic Head Massage

  3. Pad Abhyanga: Ayurvedic Foot Massage

  4. Marma Abhyanga: Vital Energy Point Massage

  5. Sutika Abhyanga: Post Natal Massage

  6. Navjat Shishu Abhyanga: Ayurvedic Newborn Massage

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Abhyanga Consultation (90 mins) 

$189 - Single Appointment
with 30 to 45 minutes follow up at $98

What Happens In A Visit To An Ayurvedic Expert?

Your initial Abhyanga consultation will consist of an in-depth assessment of your general health, diet and lifestyle to discover your body constitution (Prakruti). Traditional techniques such as pulse, tongue & nail diagnosis will be used to draw a diagnosis of your current health imbalances (Vikruti).

At the end of the assessment, advice will be given for your condition with suggestible changes to your diet and lifestyle to suit your constitution and restore well-being. This session will help to you understand how you can reduce build up of toxins, strengthen your digestive fire (agni), promote calmness and boost energy.

You will be given key action points along with detailed notes on diet and lifestyle advice for your Dosha (Ayurveda Body & Mind Type). Some of the lifestyle tools we use with clients include dietary modifications, daily routine adjustments, contemplative practices, breathing and movement techniques to address local physical conditions. It is our goal to support you through your healing journey with not only great skill and knowledge but also with compassion and understanding.

What is the initial examination?

Ayurvedic examinations generally consist of three parts:

ASSESS:  Our comprehensive in-depth assessment will evaluate your health, including factors like your personal history, lifestyle habits, family health history and much more.

PLAN:  Using the information from your assessment, we work together to create a personalized plan for you – and ensure that any risks or concerns are addressed quickly and efficiently.

PERSONALIZE:  Our Ayurvedic Experts are committed to an ongoing relationship so we are better able to understand your situation, lifestyle, and long-term needs, to ensure that any relevant issues relating to your current and future health are reviewed. Ayurvedic consultations are a great way to begin your journey. In a consultation, Our Ayurvedic Expert, can assess your body's core nature and imbalances, and create a plan for your unique situation, which may simply be some diet changes and herbal recommendations.

Want to learn how Ayurveda can help you to reach your goals to perfect health? Book for consultation with us.

We will take the time to explore your wellness and lifestyle goals. If you want to do further work with us, we'll discuss the classes, group courses and coaching programs that we offer.  All information is confidential and will never be shared.

Important Note: If you experience any pain, discomfort, or anything outside of your norm, please seek professional advice immediately. Never neglect the advice of your personal health care provider.

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How can I find Ayurvedic Balance?

Inspired by ancient Ayurvedic knowledge, these tea blends were crafted to help promote balance between mind, body and spirit for holistic well-being.


Curious about which dosha you are? Take this short quiz to find out. Ayurveda teaches that we change over time. So for each question, simply choose the answer that best describes you today. The quiz shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes.