The beauty of love is that in giving it away, you are left with more than you had before.
— dr david simon

Join Chopra Center’s Perfect Health Program Certified Teacher GP Lail to learn in depth various practical tools that will empower you to create a perfect physical, spiritual and emotional health.

Perfect Health: Ayurvedic Lifestyle Program is an in depth overview into Ayurveda and Vedanta, a 5000 years old system of traditional Indian wisdom, philosophy, science and historic evidence on how to live and enjoy a balanced physical , mental and spiritual health that is in harmony with nature.

What you will get in this Perfect Health Ayurvedic Lifestyle Program?

After registration, the day of the course you will be getting a bag with parer pad and pen to take your notes and perfect healthy manual designed and written by Dr. Deepak Chopra and Dr. David Simon.

Topics addressed include mind, body and soul, the multidimensional life, nourishment for body, mind and soul, food as a medicine, perpetual renewal, detoxification, purification and rejuvenation, emotional freedom, intimacy with your self, gateways to the inner pharmacy, dealing with sensory experience, chair yoga and pranayama.

This Program is For You If:

  • You wish to enjoy deeper peace, greater freedom, and mastery of life.

  • You want to achieve more balance , energy .

  • You are ready to make a lifestyle change that will have lasting results.

Benefits of enrolling in this program:

  • Learn to manage daily life by taping into the wisdom of nature and inner pharmacy.

  • Improve your relationships with your self and others

  • Create inner peace

  • Enhance your sleep patterns

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Connect more deeply to spirituality.

Enrollment and Fees

This program is presented in two formats

One full day, 8 hrs on Saturdays pre-scheduled - $ 599.00 + GST
(light snacks tea and vegetarian lunch included).

A Four day program, for 1.5 hrs a day - $449.00 + GST
Tuesdays - Thursday, 10:00 am -11:30 am
Friday 9:00 am -12:00 pm
( Available on request scheduled 3 weeks in advance).

Phone: +1604.744.5115
What’s app or Skype: +1604.367.5115.

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