5 Benefits of Meditation for Teens to overcome stress and anxiety

Today’s teenagers are struggling to balance schoolwork with body image, social media, part-time jobs, sports, peer pressure and, an active social life. Mental health in teens is a serious problem our society is facing. Recent studies show that there is a higher percentage of teenagers who experience stress, anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts than in the past.


By adolescence, an estimated one in five, or 1.2 million, children and youth in Canada are affected by mental illness, according to the Mental Health Commission of Canada. In fact, many mental health problems start in childhood and adolescence. Because only one in five Canadian children who need mental health services receive them, according to the Canadian Mental Health Association, mental illness continues into adulthood. - UNICEF CANADA

Credit Source: https://www.unicef.ca/en/blog/mental-health-top-concern-canadas-youth?

Here are five top Benefits of Meditation for Teens to
Overcome Stress and Anxiety

  1. Improved sleep habits – Meditation can help students put their minds at rest and get a improved night’s sleep.

  2. Meditation Improves attention span – Practicing Meditation on a regular basis can help students improve their attention span. This helps them to pay attention better in class which can lead to improved grades.

  3. Meditation Reduces levels of anxiety – Learning to turn from negative thoughts and stress help students to lower their anxiety levels.

  4. Meditation Lowers the chance of substance abuse – The Addiction Center reports that some teens with anxiety disorder turn to substances like alcohol and drugs in an effort to numb the stress that they are feeling. When they know healthy ways to handle anxiety, stress, and depression it reduces the chance that they will try to self-medicate with drugs or alcohol.

  5. Meditation Helps to regulate emotions – When Teens practice Meditation they learn how to connect with themselves on a deeper level and gain control of their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

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