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Top 5 ways to Heal Leaky Gut and Digestive Health with Ayurveda

How Can Ayurveda, Lifestyle and Food Choices Can Heal My Gut?

According to ancient science of Ayurveda, agni (fire) is viewed as the source of life. Everything you eat is looked upon as an offering to agni — and what’s a more potent, direct offering than food? What you eat can nourish and strengthen this fire, boosting your digestive system — or it can smother it, leading to an impaired, weakened, or imbalanced agni.

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5 Benefits of Meditation for Teens to overcome stress and anxiety

How Meditation Can Help Teens to Overcome Stress and Anxiety?

Today’s teenagers are struggling to balance schoolwork with body image, social media, part-time jobs, sports, peer pressure and, an active social life. There are plenty of studies out there that have found teenagers are even more stressed out than adults. This is a serious problem our society is facing. Recent studies show that there is a higher percentage of teenagers who experience stress, anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts than in the past.

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Daily Meditation and Yoga Practice can Reverse DNA Damage

How Can Yoga and Meditation Provide Relaxation and Stress Relief?

According to the recent study, Yoga and meditation don’t just provide temporary relaxation and stress relief to our our over all well being, they can actually promote beneficial health improvements in our genes. The time spent in meditative practice can make coping with the stresses of everyday life easier, and teaches our genes into elevating us to becoming our best version.

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Welcome to Spring! Ritucharya (Spring cleansing)

What is Ritucharya?

Ritu means season & charya means following or discipline. Ritucharya in simple words means seasonal routine, the lifestyle & diet that need to be followed according to the particular seasonal requirement to maintain hormonal balance in our body & to be fit and healthy. Ayurveda divides the whole year into two kaals on the basis of position of the sun:

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