Daily Meditation and Yoga Practice can Reverse DNA Damage

According to the recent study, Yoga and meditation don’t just provide temporary relaxation and stress relief to our our over all well being, they can actually promote beneficial health improvements in our genes.

When our minds switch to auto-pilot and start wandering, it can be easy for them to end up somewhere that amplifies negative thoughts and feelings and breathes fire into stress.

Our thoughts become worries and they grow. Our memories become reworked or replayed, and rather than reflecting or learning, we become stuck and overwhelmed.


Mind-body interventions (MBIs), such as meditation, yoga and tai chi, don’t just relax us. According to a new study, they can reverse the molecular reactions in our DNA that cause ill health and depression.

By adopting a healthy life style by quitting smoking, minimizing excessive alcohol intake, minimizing exposure to cell phone increased intake of fresh fruits and vegetables in daily diet, maintaining weight, increasing physical activity and integrating yoga and meditation as an integral part of lifestyle will not only minimize stress and anxiety, but also significantly improve quality of life and promote physical, mental and reproductive health. This is all possible, once we stop worrying about our health."

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The impact of meditation in those who practice meditation and yoga on a regular basis increase production of telomerase, an enzyme that helps preserve the tips of chromosomes. This helps prevent further DNA damage by protecting the genes the chromosomes carry.

Because silence is the birthplace of happiness. Silence is where we get our bursts of inspiration, our tender feelings of compassion and empathy, our sense of love.”
Deepak Chopra, Perfect Health: The Complete Mind/Body Guide


Additionally, when people experience undue stress, certain parts of the brain become highly active. When in a calm, peaceful state, these areas of increased activity quiet down. The left prefrontal cortex, conversely, becomes activated when sitting in meditation, leading to feelings of elation and joy.


The time spent in meditative practice can make coping with the stresses of everyday life easier, and teaches our genes into elevating us to becoming our best version.

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